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I'm Prof. Dr. S. Andrews

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Who am I?

Name: Prof. Dr. S. Andrews

DOB: 24-06-1971

Nationality: Indian

Current Position: Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Dean Academic, Mahendra Engineering College

Facts & figures about me

20+ years of experience

8 degrees

6 professional roles

60+ publications in international conferences

19 postgraduate students supervised

14 countries visited

What am I up to?

Supervising research students on quality research projects. Managing funded projects.

Exercising expertise in formation and execution of Centre of Excellences and research groups, Organizing workshops co organizing conferences.

Product design and Managing collaborative research and funded research projects.

Organizing Technical Symposium, FDPs and career building activities and events.

Sharing accumulated proficiency by giving Seminars, Keynote, Workshops and conducting Research committee meetings.

Giving Training in preparation of Research Grant, creation of funding proposals.


Over the years of my career, I've worked hands on on numerous projects. Click below to see a list of the projects I've been involved in.

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I have also accumulated significant research experience by working on top notch research projects. Click below to see what research I've been involved in.

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Awards & Achievements

NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum Award for the Best ICT led social innovation - 2017

ISTE Periyar Award for the Best Engineering Teacher - 2017

Distinguished Professor Award - 2017